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Sadgamaya Rashtra Seva Trust is a Public Trust constituted under the Indian Trust Act ,1882 as a non-profit organization by a collective of patriotic people for promoting patriotism and preserving cultural heritage of the country among all sections of people.
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Sadgamaya Rashtra Seva Trust

Trust in promotion of its educational, cultural , environmental, agricultural scientific , charitable , philanthropic and patriotic activities intends to establish its own establishments in the respective fields. Moreover, it may also promote , share, co-operate , support, patronise individuals / institutions / organizations / facilities / programmes / activities aimed at fulfilling the objectives of the Trust.


Philanthropic activities

Trust has special concern for the differently abled and mentally challenged people. It may establish and maintain a grant in aid scheme to those people providing shelter to the destitute

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Inculcating human values, patriotic fervour and cultural values among young generation through conducting camps, workshops, seminars, symposiums and literary and arts competitions.

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Culture and Heritage

Trust intends to recreate a heritage village and set up village museums to preserve the native heritage intact. Efforts to be made to sensitise the young generation to protect the monumental

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Village Museums

Trust intends to sensitise people across the state to set up village centred heritage museums and help cultivate a culture among the youngsters to preserve cultural legacy.

Aged People's Retreat

Trust envisages to set up a home for the aged people. artistes, social workers, and all those who have dedicated their lives for the society and finally found themselves left uncared on the peripheries during their sundown days of life.


Trust will honor those people who dedicate their lives for nation building, preserving the heritage and environment around. Those people who make remarkable contributions to the society would be awarded.

Handicrafts Arcade

An arcade of Kerala Handicrafts will be set up at a place where tourism potential is high.
A handicraft showroom on wheel will also be launched.

Heritage Village

One of the dream projects of the Trust is to set up a heritage village recreating the old world charm with all traditional structures, accommodating artisans and others to showcase Kerala's own traditional village of the 19th century.

Native Wisdom

Practitioners of native traditional medical treatment methods and native agricultural technologies which have been widely accepted and proved to be effective will be encouraged.


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