Culture and Heritage

Trust intends to recreate a heritage village and set up village museums to preserve the native heritage intact.  Efforts to be made to sensitise the young generation to protect the monumental built heritage of their native places.

Preserving the native wisdom by encouraging producers/ practitioners of products and services which have widely been accepted by people in general will be an important aim of the Trust.

Conducting heritage and pilgrim tourism tours for both young and old to major cultural heritage sites and ancient monuments in and outside the country will be one of the important programmes of the Trust.

Setting up of an arcade of handicrafts products and  conducting exhibitions of handmade products will be there among the important projects of the Trust.

Starting publications in print, electronic and digital media with focus on culture and heritage is a priority area of the Trust.  Digital media platforms like Sadgamaya News (English)  or Sadgamaya Vartha ( Malayalam) may be opened to disseminate cultural news.

For preserving the cultural heritage of the country, the Trust intends to give awards to institutions /organizations, artists, writers, musicians, theatre personalities, cine artistes, cultural leaders, art historians,  museum curators  and cultural activists.