Kochi and waste conundrum

A key issue facing Kochi now is its mounting waste after the waste accumulated in the Brahmapuram waste treatment plant caught fire. While people are suffering due to the smoldering smoke and resultant health issues, the waste is piling up on the wayside since the Kochi Corporation has stopped collecting it for over a week since the fire broke out.

The pains of city life are showing up in Kochi and it’s the latest lesson what unplanned urbanization can give us. The much touted Infopark and Smart City are just a stone’s throw away from Brahmapuram and the fire gives out a message that Kochi is not a safe city to live. Then how can we invite foreign entrepreneurs to invest here. Health and wealth are two most important things in one’s life and if the administration cannot assure the former, no wise man will bring his wealth here to invest. So better the State Government get rid of petty or shoddy politics and act to show that it means business.

Author : Vinod Nedumudi