Thousands throng Kerala capital to offer Ponkala

The Capital hosted the famed Attukal pongala in all fervour and festivity after two years which were marred by pandemic restrictions. Women devotees flocked from different parts of the state and also from the neighbouring states to take part in the offering to the Attukal deity. Plumes of smoke went up from thousands of hearths, painting a picture of piety, devotion and faith.

The festival known for showcasing diverse cultural art forms also set a new precedent by staging the popular ritual art forms of Northern Kerala . Four main varieties of the art form including Panchuruli Kantara, Rakthachamundi, Bhagavathy and Pottan theyyam were staged.

Panchuruli is a very traditional artform which has been performed by devotees mainly in the Kasargod district. Padayani, the popular ritualistic artform of Mid Travancore region was also staged as part of the festivities.

The festival also showcased images of communal harmony as the doors of the mosque were opened to the women devotees to rest during the pongala ritual. Women braved the searing heat and returned to their homes with tired faces and hearts fully gratified.